How To Choose The Best Dehumidifier

Whether you live in a cold or warm area chances are your home is affected by damp or humid air at some time in the year. While overly dry air is not great, if the air in your home is very humid then you’ll have mold problems pretty soon. This is why it’s a good idea to buy a dehumidifier. While a good dehumidifier can cost a few hundred dollars, it’s a great investment when you consider the cost of mold removal. Once you start looking at the different options you soon realize that choosing the best dehumidifier is no easy task. Here are some things to look out for.


Dehumidifier Size

The size, or capacity, of a dehumidifier is normally given in pints per day. If a dehumidifier is rated as a 70-Pint unit then that means that it is capable of extracting 70-pints of moisture from the air each day. It’s an important figure but not the only one you should look at. You also need to make sure that the fans are strong enough to be able to circulate the air in the room effectively. The size of the room (volume and area) combined with the maximum relative humidity it will experience can be used to determine the fan requirement. This is calculated in air changes per hour and cubic feet per minute. Do the calculations and make sure that you get a unit with enough moisture extraction capacity as well as decent fans.


Where you intend using the dehumidifier is going to determine the type of unit you need to buy. The best dehumidifier for bathroom use is going to be a lot smaller than a basement dehumidifier. If you’re looking for a unit to dehumidify your crawl space you’ll need to get a purpose made product that will fit in the small space and cope with the environment. It’s important to understand the minimum temperature that the room will experience as well. The lower the temperature, the tougher it is for a dehumidifier to extract moisture. Once the temperature gets down to around 40 degrees or below you’ll need to get a desiccant dehumidifier. These are your only option if you’re looking to have something that is effective at really low temperatures. These units are also the quietest dehumidifier option because they don’t have a compressor. That makes them ideal for use in the bedroom or study.

Bathroom Dehumidifiers


Your budget is an important factor to consider but don’t be tempted to save a few bucks by getting a cheap dehumidifier. Choose a brand that is recognized and has a good reputation. It’s important to check out dehumidifier reviews before making your final purchasing decision. This is the best way to cut through the manufacturer’s promises and get a feel for what actual users have experienced with their dehumidifier.

Zebra Skin Rug

A Zebra skin rug is the perfect addition to any space, be it in the home or office, when you are trying to add a little class to your interior decor. There are a few things to take note of before rushing off to the first store or website with Zebra skins for sale. This is a big ticket item and if you’re going to be spending this much money you had better be sure that you are getting good value for money. To make an informed purchase take note of the following:

Zebra Skin Grades

Zebra hides are graded according to their condition. Trophy grade skins have almost zero defects and are quite rare. Most often people purchase A grade skins, which have very few and hard to see defects, or B grade skins which have some scratches, tears or repair work. C grade skins are normally too damaged to be used as rugs and are normally used for upholstery of furniture like a Zebra skin ottoman or couch.

Zebra skins for sale

There are a number of retailers with zebra skin for sale and many of them make it possible to order from their websites. Make sure that they are selling Burchell’s zebra, which are not endangered, rather than other species. Also, the retailer must be able to ship the hide with the appropriate certificates needed for clearance through customs.

Zebra Rug Felting

A properly tanned and treated Zebra rug should lie fairly flat on the floor but don’t expect it to do so without lifting a little around the edges. If you want it to lie completely flat then make sure to order it with felting. This is a black felt backing that is attached to the back of the skin and extends about an inch around the edges of the hide. Some people prefer the more natural look without felting while others prefer the way the felt creates a border around the rug.

Color of Zebra Skin

Understand that zebra skin is not black and white as many people think. The colors you can expect to see will be more like earth tones with very dark browns and beige on a cream background. Also, each hide is unique in the striping and marks so don’t expect it to look exactly like the photo on the website you are purchasing it from.

If you select a reputable supplier you can be sure that you will be making an ethical and environmentally sound decision. While spending $1,800 on a decor piece sounds like a lot there really isn’t anything else that so easily adds class to a room like a Zebra rug.


Watching Netflix in South Africa – It’s Easy!

Many people these days enjoy watching Netflix. This is mostly in the USA because that is where Netflix started and where it’s biggest market still is today. Netflix is currently available in some other countries like the UK, Canda, Mexico and some others. If you live outside one of these countries then unfortunately Netflix don’t allow you to be able to access their website. Well that’s just not fair. If you are traveling or live in a country like South Africa then why shouldn’t you be able to access Netflix? It’s really because of content licensing rights. Netflix look at your computers IP address and as soon as they see that you live in one of the countries that they don’t service then they block your access. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get around this though and we’ll tell you how.


Netflix South Africa




The easiest way is to make use of a smart DNS service to make it appear that you are accessing their website from inside the USA. This involves paying a company like Smart DNS Proxy a monthly fee and they enable you to then change your DNS settings. Once you do this you can now access Netflix South Africa and you can sign up for the 1 month free trial. After the trial is complete you then need to pay Netflix a monthly fee of $8.00. This is still a very good price when you compare it to other options. Watching Netflix in South Africa is easy and a great way to stay entertained.


If you like Netflix South Africa is now one of the places where you can access it if you follow the guide over at Flexit – Netflix South Africa which makes it really easy. If you follow this strategy you can even watch Netflix India or even in Australia. Wherever you live or even if you’re just going on holiday overseas you will now be able to watch Netflix in any part of the world.




Mobile phones for old people

Seniors and the elderly have special requirements and this is specifically true when it comes to all things hi-tech. They discover things like cellphones or cell phones quite challenging. This is since the modern-day phones have such tiny buttons or, sometimes, none at all. It would be excellent if there was a book explaining to older individuals ways to make use of mobile phones correctly and other technology for seniors. It is pointless installing a web site about this because seniors aren’t going to be surfing the web to discover the best ways to use innovation are they?

Big button phone for old people

The modern-day cell phones have a lot of settings and functions that it can be quite intimidating even for somebody who is younger and fairly up to date with technology. Whenever an older person has to try to decide whether they ought to switch their GPS on or if they need to have the WIFI activated or off you can forget it. They will rather discard the phone than be discouraged by carrying something around with them that they cannot make use of. If there was a guide revealing each step how to make use of a certain phone then you may see that older people would be more willing to buy that particular phone.


Big button phone for old people
Phones for senior individuals have to be actually easy to utilize and don’t need expensive apps and other performance. Grandma is most likely not going to be troubled that she cannot use Facebook on her phone or update Reddit from it. All she really wants to do is to be able to get and make telephone calls as well as receive an sms and send one. Standard large button cell phones for elderly individuals are perfect. By doing this they don’t need to dig around for their spectacles every time they want to phone. The phone ought to also have a really loud volume. This is due to the fact that as people get older their hearing ends up being damaged and afterwards they will not hear the phone ring. It’s likewise a great idea to have a phone with an SOS button. Older individuals often have the tendency to roam off and if they get into a bit of difficulty it’s terrific for them to be able to press a button to let you know that they need assistance. Big button phones for elderly are a great idea for a gift as well.



Manufacturing Engagement Rings in South Africa

Diamond Engagement Ring

The jewellery industry in South Africa has a rich heritage and there are many manufacturing jewellers selling their products throughout the country. Many tourists still come to buy their engagement rings in South Africa because of the good deal they get with their strong currencies. The quality of the engagement rings and other jewellery made in South Africa is also very good. Because this country has such a rich abundance of natural resources it has encouraged many people to learn the skills of manufacturing jewellery. There are a lot of gold mines, platinum mines and diamond mines in South Africa.


The shopping malls are full of jewellery stores selling beautiful pieces but it is becoming more and more difficult to know exactly what has been made locally or what has been imported. The majority of the gold chains have been imported from Italy while a lot of rings and other jewellery are now being imported from China and India. You could always ask the sales person if the piece has been locally made but they probably will not be able to tell you. This is not because they are trying to be dishonest but normally because the sales person has very little knowledge about what they are selling.

If you are looking to buy wedding and engagement rings in South Africa then there are some key questions you should ask before handing over your money. It is very important to have a good idea of the different options for precious metals and alloys. If you decide on yellow gold then make sure that if it is stamped as 18ct that it is in fact what is says. Ask for certificates of valuation for all pieces. If you decide on white gold then ask what metal it has been alloyed with. This is especially important if you have a skin sensitivity to certain metals like zinc. When it comes to buying the diamond realise that this is not an investment decision and that you should shop around. You might even get a better deal if you buy the diamond loose somewhere and then take it to a manufacturing jeweller to have it set in the ring. Make sure you have a good idea of the ruling price per carat that is being charged. In the end you need to make sure that you really like the ring or other piece of jewellery but also that it has been well made and won’t break in a hurry.

Manufacturing healthy bodies with diets like the Venus Factor

A lot of thought goes into the design and manufacture of products these day but people fail to realise that our bodies are also undergoing a constant design and manufacturing process. As with anything, if the design process is neglected the end product will not be satisfactory. When we have in mind what sort of body we want and what level of health we would like to achieve we need to choose a diet and way of life that will essentially design our lifestyle to produce the optimum results. Once we have selected the best diet and workout routine then it’s down to the manufacturing process. A product that has been well designed still needs to be produced though. Once you’ve chosen a good diet it’s important to put it into practice so that you can start to manufacture the body you’re hoping to achieve. Our health is very important to us and is closely related to our weight and fat percentage. If you want to turn your body into a fit and healthy one then it’s important to make sure that you are not carrying extra weight. Most people would like to lose weight but few are willing to make the effort required to do this. This is because staying on a diet is not so easy to do. It requires will power to stick to an eating plan that you’re not used to.

venus factor diet

Venus Factor Diet and Leptin

Women especially have a hard time with fat loss because it seems that their bodies and their metabolism just are not inclined to help in this regard. Investigations into the Venus Factor diet info reveal that it was designed by a man called John Barban. He designed this diet to work especially for women. John Barban is a well known expert in the fields of nutrition, dieting, fitness and weight loss. He focused on the effect that Leptin has on a woman’s body and how this can effect her efforts to lose weight. The hormone called Leptin is also known as the “satiety hormone” and is what makes us feel satisfied after eating or hungry when we need to eat. Women’s bodies are not very good at regulating the production of Leptin and as a result when they go on diet they often end up with low levels of this hormone and have severe cravings as a result. This is why they so often give up half way through their diets. When you read about Venus Factor you will notice that it is designed to keep these hormone levels at their optimum level.


Venus Factor - Befor and After


This diet has been effective in helping many women lose weight and it has also proved to be an easier diet to stay on than many others. There a lot of positive reviews about the program and it really seems to be an effective weight loss system for women. If you need to lose weight and you are tired of approaches that just don’t work than it would be a good idea to try this program so that you can design and manufacture the healthy body you have always wanted.